Before starting Namaz, make sure that proper ablution or if needed, Gusl is performed. To understand the Prayer method follows the below steps:


  • Firstly Stand straight facing towards kha’bah with eyes on sajda position.
Prayer method Standing straight in start of salat
Method of prayer from Start.

Takbeer e Tehreema

  • Raise palms of both hands up to ears and say “ALLAH O AKBAR“.
Prayer method of Takbeer e tehreema | Boy standing starting namaz with Allah o akbar
Takbeer e tehreema


  • Recite dua “SANAA” with keeping hands-on chest right hand over left also demonstrated in picture.

Moreover, Sanaa will only be recited in first rak’ah of every namaz.

Prayer method of Sanaa, starting dua in prayer. Boy in reciting sanaa | prayer method step by step.
Starting dua “Sanaa”
  • After “Taawwuz” and “Tasmiya” recite Surah al Fatiha, with same posture following above.

Prayer method of Qayam, boy reciting surah Al Fatiha in namaz/salat
Qayam , recitating surah Al Fatiha
  • Next, recite any surah, or recite more than two ayahs from the Quran.

Can recite any surah. In addition In farz namaz Recite this in only first two Ra’kahs.

Prayer method of Surah Aklas, boy showing qayam posture in prayer
Qayam, recitating Surah Aklas in prayer


  • Saying Takbeer goto raku position. Positioning hands on knees and backbone and head straight, parallel to the floor, reciting tasbeeh(Allah praise words) “SUBHANA RABIYAL AZEEM”. Then stand straight reciting tasbeeh of Tasmee and Tamheed and change posture to next.
raku, tasmee and tamheed in salat. Boy showing posture of raku and tamheed in namaz
Raku, Tasmee and Tamheed in salat


  • Now go down to kneeling position with forehead, nose, two knees, two palms of hands and finger toes touching ground turned towards kha’bah. Tasbeeh for sajda is “SUBHANA RABI-YAL A’A LA”.
Sajda posture in salat, and showing seven points of contact to earth in namaz

Jalsa and second sajda

  • Say “Allah o Akbar” and sit on left feet laying down and right foot toes resting on the floor called JALSA. And with again Takbeer go to the second sajda.

That the end of the first Rakat now for the second one stands up with takbeer. Similarly, repeat namaz recitation from surah Fatihah. Thus after the second sajda proceed to the next posture.

kids showing position of jalsa and sajda in Salat/namaz | namaz lesson
jalsa and sajda


  • Sit with Takbeer and recite Tashahhad.
  • Raise index finger while reciting witness of the only “ALLAH”.

In four rakat prayer now is time to stand for 3rd rah’kah start from surah Al Fatiha. But in case of Two rah’kahs proceed to next posture.

qaddah , sitting in namaz(salah))
Qaddah,Sitting in Salat.
  • Recite salutation with the same posture.

Qaddah, it is sitting in namaz for recitation of darood.Salutation of blessings and peace

Dua and Salaam

  • Lastly, recite masnoon duas and end namaz with SALAM, i.e. saying “ASALAMO ALAIKUM WA REHMAT UL LA”. Only move head-on sides looking towards shoulders.
dua and salam after darood reciteation in namaz.kid picture showing way how to say salam on both sides.
Dua in Namaz

Dua e Qanoot

Its recitation is in the third rakah of witr prayer in Isha (night) salaat. It is recited before Raku (to bow) in the last rakah. It’s Arabic and English translation is as below:

dua e qanoot/ witr namaz method |


Transliteration of dua e qanoot/ witr prayer/salah method


Learn the method of Namaz step by step to improve so that prayers are acceptable.