We offer different online courses in basic Islam and the Quran. These are fundamental to learning. So SE is one of the pioneers of online Islamic Education. Additionally, our service specializes in Quran Education. Among a variety of services, SE is a unique one. We specialize in teaching the Holy Quran to kids as well as adults. We teach in Canada, the US, UK, and Australia through distance learning.

Subject Educator is also a complete institute. Here all ages students can get their required classes. Students have different levels. They are starting from Level 0 as well as 5. One level is students who typically do not have a basic understanding of Quran Reading. (Arabic Alphabets Recognizance, Pronunciation and Spelling). Level 5 suited for students who want to learn an advanced subject because they know the basic one.

Subject Educator also specializes in customizing our classes to our student’s needs. We have an excellent understanding of how to relate with a native American / European kid. We connect with him in a way that he grasps the topics quickly. Therefore different online courses are classified for different students.

Online Courses Includes Complete Syllabus

Subject Educator is a distance learning online service. The whole syllabus of any subject is cover. Subject specialists are available for all Subjects. Our institute is capable of experienced staff. All topics manage after a thorough search. Therefore we focus on the most important subjects, which consists of essential lessons. A student is enrolling from a certain beginning level.

Subject Educator Online Courses

  1. Beginner
  2. Norani Qaida
  3. Quran with Tajweed
  4. Quranic Tafseer and Translation
  5. Quran Memorization
  6. Islamic Education

Short Descriptions

Students start class from the beginner level. According to their needs, we customize their course. Quran Beginner class is specifically for those students who are willing to start once. In a few lessons, they interact with learning well.

In the meantime, the online Norani Qaida course is also the initial or starting step of the students. It covers the recognization and pronunciation of Arabic letters.

Quranic tajweed is also an important class. Students learn to read Quran with its proper accent.

Besides this, SubjectEducator also teaches online Tafseer and Translation courses. It is the most important thing. Understanding of the Quran is the actual purpose of Muslim life.

Subject Educators also focus on online memorization easy and convenient process. Quran Memorization meaning is learning the Quran by heart.

Moreover, we also teach basic Islamic studies. It is also necessary for the student. It is covering different vital topics. Some of them are as below:

Subject Educator is a modern system of teaching different subjects. A student learns here to change their life. We help the student to guide the path of success. Therefore specific guidance at a good time lets them to avail of most maximum opportunities. Hence they become role models of society. And beneficial for others also.