Norani Qaida online Class

Subject Educator‘s one of the primary subjects, is Norani Qaida. It’s a proper booklet to learn basic Tajweed. Its initial step for learning the Holy Quran. Indeed it is considered essential for new learners. Quranic Qaida is the necessary foundation of Quranic Tajweed. Colorful tajweed Qaida is special to interact with younger kids. Also, in these different colors, kids can easily recognize letters. As a result, the student learns a lot.

Who Can Read Noorani Qaida

Anyone of any age who has internet and computer can learn with Subject Educator dedicated live tutors. Skype and also screen sharing software help students to get maximum lessons from their favorite teachers. Besides this, Noorani Qaida becomes interactive and easy when tutors used different colors. The online teacher calls his student at the agreed time so that one to one class starts. Teachers and students communicate and see the same screen. They can also discuss every aspect of the lesson.

The teacher also helps with different techniques. Their loving, as well as a caring attitude, encourage students. They are expert in reciting. Additionally, they are well trained. The teacher repeats words with proper pronunciation for student’s practice. We designed complete rules to learn correctly and quickly.

Norani Qaida Outline

  • Maharaj: Arabic letters correct pronunciation from their proper origin.
  • Movements also called Harakat. The symbols like Zuber, Zeer, and Pesh
  • Maddah letters. The letters which straight word to one alif, Which Include Alif, Wahoo, and Yaa.
  • Leen letters. The letters make a soft sound, which Includes Wahoo and Yaa.
  • Jamz also called Sakun: It’s a hook-like symbol that joins the previous letter.
  • Tashdeed: Its a “W” shape symbol that makes a letter twice to read. And word has it is called Musadad.
  • Rules of Noon & Meem Sakin. Also, they have some special rules.
  • Waqf: or; This is the symbol that stops and makes silent on verses. Which usually includes Meem and Toha.
  • Good practice of Alphabetic Qaida with rules of Tajweed.

Noorani Qaida Enable Students

This course enables students to read the exact pronunciation of Arabic words. So, the student comes to recognize the letter and symbols. Also, come to know symbols and their use. Learning online Noorani Qaida is for all ages and gender. Switch online Qaida class with the subject educator. So that attain learning of Qaida from qualified Tutors.