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The subject educator(SE) is an online Quran education service. It was founded in 2010. SE specializes in teaching the Holy Quran to kids as well as adults in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia through distance learning. It provides basic and advanced knowledge of the Quran and Islam. Students can read the Quran online in the comfort of their Homes during their preferred time. No, need to drive kids out of the home. No shared classes, all classes are on one. It is the best platform for online students. Therefore it eases the process of learning. SE is a system that grooms personalities. Pakistani and overseas Muslims are facilitated according to their requirement to learn Islam online.

Students need to learn Tafseer and translation to bring sweeping change in the Muslim world. Maybe a good percentage of Muslims around the globe can read the Quran online. But very small learn to understand and implement. So our service fulfills such requirements. Furthermore, Our service consumers are excited to avail of the service. We specialize in customizing our classes to our student’s needs. Also, we have an excellent understanding of how to relate with a native American / European kid and connect with him in a way that he grasps the subject effortlessly.

The subject educator aims to provide quality Quranic education. SE is the best motivation for the student. SE aims to access anyone willing to Learn Islam, as well as the Quran. The Quran is the only method of success. Therefore, it is necessary. The primary goal is to educate people to change their lives. Indeed Islam is a better way of improving. It delivers the message of unity. Students of any country get equal attention. So that students can learn and become good Muslims.

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Subject Educator Aim

Moreover, we aim to teach proper Tajweed (the appropriate pronunciation of Arabic words). Tajweed is the precise words of the Quran. Hence without any skepticism, Islam is a true religion that leads to success. So awareness is necessary. Therefore for this noble cause, we need to understand the message of Allah جَلَّ جَلَالُهٌ. For this reason, learn the Holy Book deeply.

Subject Educator Care

Subject Educator cares for each student. Every single student is most valuable to us. Therefore Very polite and understandable languages are used. All student has an individual session because all students have a different level of learning. So one on one class is necessary. SE also cares about the performance of the student. All Skype calls are recorded and monitored. A monthly testing and quiz service is a way to check improvement. Student progress reports are shared with parents so that parents can keep tabs on the student’s progress. Parents can also supervise what’s going on in a class since the kids are taking a lesson in the comfort of their homes. Feedback from guardians is also considered necessary. From anywhere around the globe, anyone can also join our service. It’s an interactive and fast method of learning.

Subject Educator Serve

Subject Educator is an online Quran teaching service. SE serves around the world. Service provides different subjects online. Our service is available 24/7. Our teaching methods are a combo of both ancient and modern techniques. Such a technical way enables easy understanding. The procedure is simple. We offer a week free trial also. After complete satisfaction, we start a regular class. We have highly qualified management. Students are divided into Levels. So well trained and talented staff direct them to a certain level. Registration is also an easy process. It has a simple three-step:

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