We can ask Allah Almighty for everything through daily supplications. Dua/supplication is an integral part of our faith; indeed, it is the essence of all worships. Islam provides us complete guidance on how to supplicate. Our beloved Prophet(SAW) teaches us dua for every action of life. Also, Allah, in the Quran, guides the way for supplication. Besides, He shows us words to use in prayer.

And mention the name of your Lord in prayer, Morning and Evening

[Al quran 76:025]

Learn Daily Supplications

Evils and Shayteens surround us everywhere, so we have to seek refuge in Allah from all these evils as guided by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The holy Quran and Hadith have given us many verses and invocations to recite for our safeguard from evils and hidden events. It includes the daily supplication starting from morning to night as well, like what to recite when we wake up and what to recite when taking meals, also how to pray for parents and what to ask Allah in illness. We can grow our habits to practice these prayers in our life and especially for our kids.

Morning Dua 1

daily supplication for awaking
daily supplication 1


Al Bhukhari and Muslim.


All applause is for Allah who gave us life after having taken it from us and unto Him is the Resurrection.

Morning Dua 2

morning dua
Daily supplication 2


Sahih Muslim 4:2090.


Subhanallahe wabi hamdi, Aadada khalqihe wa rida nafsihe, wazi nata arshihe, wami dada kalimatihe.


Allah is perfect, and I praise Him by the count of His creation. And His delight, and by the mass of His throne, and the ink of His words.


  • The recitation of these duas is highly rewarding because these are all praise and Glorification of Allah Almighty.
  • Moreover, these will make all day blessed.
  • Eveeryday supplication will provide ease in life.