Ablution(wudu) is an act of washing expose body parts. To get physical cleanliness and purity to offer Namaz. No prayer is acceptable except wudu. So it’s essential to know how to perform ablution. Allah جَلَّ جَلَالَهٌ says in the Quran.

O, believers! When you rise for namaz, wash your faces, your hands up to elbows. And wipe your heads and your feet to ankles, and if you are under a committed to perform a complete ablution, then wash (yourselves) and if you are ill or on a journey, or anyone of you come from the toilet, or you have touched the women. You cannot find water, betake yourselves to pure earth and wipe your faces & your hands in addition to that, Allah جَلَّ جَلَالَهٌ does not desire to put on you any difficulty. Still, He wishes to purify you and that He may complete His favor on you, so that you may be grateful.

Surah al maida[5;6]

The Prophet (peace be upon him said

The salat of a person who does Hadath is not accepted until he performs the ablution.” A person from Hadaramout ask to Abu Huraira, “What is ‘Hadath’?” Abu Huraira answered, ” ‘Hadath’ means the passing of wind.

Narrated by Abu Huraira.Sahih al Bhukari 136,Book 4,Hadith 2

Wudu has four Farz(obligatory acts) as well as thirteen sunnah.

Obligatory parts of wuzu

  1. Washing arms up to the elbow.
  2. Washing of the whole face.
  3. Wiping head and doing the Masah.
  4. Washing feet up to the ankle.

Sunnah parts of wudu

  1. Making pure intention without a doubt.
  2. Saying bismillah firstly.
  3. Washing hands up to wrest three times.
  4. To rinse the mouth.
  5. To wash nostrils.
  6. Cleaning teeth with Maswak.
  7. Making wudu in the correct order.
  8. Washing each part immediately one after another.
  9. Washing every part three times.
  10. Making Masah of the ear.
  11. Making also Masah of the whole head.


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