Quran is the Sacred book of Almighty Allah, which is salvation for human beings. It is comprehensive guidance for a successful life. All the beneficial secrets are hiding in the Holy Book. It also directs Muslims to attain success on the day of judgment. People only come to understand the Quran if they learn its translation in their native language. So Tafseer Quran and Translation of the Quran are very much essential.

The subject educator specially customizes this course for those students who can read the Quran. They want to understand the meaning of Holly book of Allah جَلَّ جَلَالُهٌ. Tafseer is a class for those who also want Tafseer of surahs. It covers all aspects of Quran Surahs, which involves the detailed history and context of the surah as we know that Tafseer is the depth explanation of the verses. It helps to understand the basic thesis of the surah.

Student Can Select Class

Students can also choose themself. So for that, they have different options. They are as below.

  • Word meaning Only
  • Translation Only
  • Translation of Selected Surahs
  • Whole Quran Translation
  • Tafseer Surahs

Tafseer Quran and Translation of Quran enable students

  • Students can learn both Urdu and English meaning of the verses.
  • It’s very is helpful also for knowing the meaning of basic Arabic.
  • Students can understand the real goal to achieve.
  • They can learn the art of success on the day of judgment. 
  • It enables them wise enough to know the real purpose of their lives.
  • Their lives become comfortable, As well as better.
  • This course help generations to remains on the real right path.
  • It help in making life peaceful.
  • It also brings respect in society.
  • Socialism improves in people.
  • The learning of Sunnah becomes easy.
  • They can make the right decisions also.

Quran Translation and Tafseer is a very beneficial way as it help to get success. It leads to a destination that is of successful people. May Allah جَلَّ جَلَالُهٌ assist us and everyone to learn the Quranic saying. So that we can practice them in our lives, start with a qualified and talented teacher to gain a great cause. Additionally, get benefit from experienced staff.