Increase Kids Interest in Quran

Kids Interest in Quran

The Quran is the word of Allah for humanity. The topic of Quran is human. So it is the Betterment of human-being. We are created by Allah to whom we have to go back. Islam is considered as a religion of love and peace. Muslims around the globe are getting success by practicing Islam in their lives. Hence the Quran is a complete package success. It’s an honor and blessing for Muslim parents to witness their Kids love the Quran and increase kids interest in Quran. Parents wish that their legacy keep the faith and remain on the right path of Allah as long as they live. The only better grooming is possible in the Quran limelight.

To remain connected with Allah daily is a crucial need for every Muslim. This feeling assures us, encourage and comfort our hearts and give shield from evils. There is nothing which can do that but Practicing and loving the Quran.

Loving the Quran is not only limited to the month of Ramadan or on any special occasion. When a child loves the Quran, he keeps reading the Quran regularly and also wishes to understand the meaning. After that, if he attaches to Holy Book he, ll feel good and practice the teaching of the Quran in his life.

kids interest in Quran

So he also memorizes specific ayahs by reading them again and again. Predominantly such children behavior is significant effects of the environment and his caregiver. Therefore Parents can make strong bonding of children with holy Quran if they concentrate well from the beginning.

Love with the Quran is not a coincidence! Reading Quran enables us to get closer to Allah and follow His path.

There has come to you from Almighty Allah a light and a clear Book. By which Allah guides those who pursue His pleasure to the peaceful path and brings them out from darkness into the light by His consent, and guides them to a straight path.

Al-Ma’idah 5:15

That’s why we should start with small steps towards our bigger goals to ensure commitment and discipline.

Make Supplication for Child

Supplication/ Dua is the essential tool of a believer, especially for children, from their parents. Everything becomes possible because of Allah’s permission. Surely Dua with pure intention is always to accept. So make dua for your kids interest in Quran and remember everything good that you do for the sake of Allah. Pray heartily that Allah accepts his blessing for us and able our kids to learn Quran. Allah clarifies in the Quran:

This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah.

Surah Al Baqarah 2:2

Don’t forget that as a parent, you must look out for your children and make sure they do what’s pleasing to Allah.

O you who have believed, save yourselves & your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones.

Surah At-Tahrim 66:6

Start up with listening

The essential thing is that babies start listening to the Quran before birth. During pregnancy, the mother should hear recitation regularly. She must listen to the recording of different Surahs during household works. After the birth of baby continues playing recital so that it soothes them when they cry or anxious. Continue this practice as kids grow up. It will take essential technique by which children remain familiar with the Quran. And after that, reading and memorizing become easy for them.

Show good examples

They are commonly seen that actions are louder than words. Children learn better by watching their parents from the beginning. Suppose parents listen and recite Quran daily for a few minutes. Show your love of the Quran and its importance to Kids so that kids also do so. Insha Allah children will follow your footsteps.

Competition appeals to kids

Always encourage children and give good ideas to compete with the difficulties. Teach them struggling to achieve a challenging goal. Children thrive in kind words and positive feedback. Encourage them to participate in contests and activities regarding Reading and reciting Quran. Help them to improve always from the previous one so that they climb to the best level of learning Quran gradually. This will surely increase kids interest in Quran.

Focus Translation also

Students of Quran should also try to read the meaning of Surahs. It will impact very much on them. Translation will capture their attention and interest. After reading the Quran, the student starts reading the translation. In this way, they will come to know the words of Allah. So further kids practice this in their life to beautify and make it a success.

(This is) a blessed Book which We, ve revealed to you, (Oh Muhammad) that they might reflect upon its verses & that those of understanding would be reminded.

Surah Sad 38:29

Encourage them to take it Easy

Parents must not force them to do so at once. Allow them to choose a better time for this. Make it always easy for them. Need to be consistent, but few minutes are enough to grab kids attention. Remain polite and loving to your kids and avoid punishment.

kids interest in Quran

Punishment may bring some resentment and lessen kids interest in Quran. Actual goal for you and your kids is to love the Quran. So Kids should not be scared from Quran reading or memorizing. The more they enjoy the Quran, the more they will learn it.

Those who, ve believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Almighty Allah. Unquestionably, by the memory of Allah’s souls are assured.

Surah Ar-Rad 13:28

Provide them their favorite Moshaf

An essential thing parents can do is to provide each child with his favorite mushaf. Mushaf is a beautiful copy of the Holy Quran. Children like different colorful and beautiful Qurans. This beauty also gives them a sense of privacy and the owner. So they keep them carefully neat and clean. Children are also boosting to stay in touch with the book.

Telling Them Inspiring stories of the Quran

Quran also consists of a few stories and which have definite lesson and inspiration. Parents should share these stories with their Kids. These stories can be found from a book shop and are pleasant to interact with kids towards the Quran. These stories make thing enjoyable, and children visualize the Quran a bit more and also cause of the increase in understanding.

We relate to you, (Oh Muhammad) the best of stories in what We have revealed to you of this Quran although you were, before it, among the unaware.

Surah Yusuf 12:3

Do family activities and play games

Involve your kids in family activities so that their mind remains fresh and stress less. Appropriates games can be brought up for kids which based on facts from the Quran. Doing Islamic or Quranic quizzes and MCQs competition can make a joyful learning environment for them. Other physical activities and game also boost their nervous system and can study more efficiently.

Appreciate Them

Keep encouraging your kids with a smile whenever they recite Quran. Show your happiness and let them know how good they are doing. Be proud of them and appreciate them. For regular good learning, they need motivation. So keep them motivated. Tell them the benefits of Quran reading in this world and on day of judgement. Sometimes encourage them by bringing presents and gift for them.

kids interest in Quran

And also sometimes give them a prize for their better performance. Make such a celebration that makes their mind to think the virtues of the Quran. Assure them that the Quran is a great book, and it’s also such as healing and good deeds.

And We send down of the Quran that which is healing and mercy for the believers.

Surah Al Isra’ 17:82

As your kid’s knowledge of the Quran increases, allow them to share it with you. Also, make them comfortable enough to correct you when you make mistakes in your recitation. You want them to be of the best by teaching what they have learned.