Successful Parents

Being Parents is one big task. From the moment of birth onwards, Parents are entirely responsible for the nutritional, physical, mental, and emotional well-being and upbringing of another human being. They have to be accountable for every second. But being Muslim successful parents responsibility is more as one has to not only raise a good human being and responsible citizen but a practical and visionary Muslim. Islam encourages raise generations on a solid understanding of religion, as they have to be an ambassador of Allah the Almighty.

The advice of Hazrat Ibrahim as well as of Hazrat Jacod this beautifully narrated in the Quran as:

And Abraham instructed his sons and Jacob, O my sons; indeed, Allah has appointed for you this religion, so do not die except while you are Muslims.”

All parents try to bring their children in the best possible way. But to be successful in actual means need to work on it. We have to train them first, being in their shoe. Essential steps in child upbringing are as under:

Keep on Learning

Taken the duty to raise a child doesn’t mean that one must leave every other good activity. But today to meet with child education and training parents, especially mothers, must be highly educated. Keep on learning religion and other useful knowledge to deliver excellent experiences to children. Moreover, to be a first well-equipped teacher.

parents and kid learning

Be a role Model

sucessful parents are role models

Kids always act in the way they watch their parents. At the early time, they keep eye on their parents more than ever. In early age, they rapidly adopt every behavior good or bad being act in front of them. So before every act think what you want your kid to behave. Model the traits you being successful parents wish to see in your kids like respect, friendliness, discipline, honesty, kindness, hard work, tolerance. Practice good deeds by yourself. Wake up early in the morning, say prayers and ten follow its pious routine all day long.

Make Home Child Friendly

The home must be as the child can freely move on and not be hurt. At a very young age, a child follows parents by crawling, walking, or in a walker. Spending more time with them means more time to learn. That’s the time to train them of different life challenges practically, So make the home easy for there movements and learning. Allow kids to eat with elders, sit in elders’ company. Moreover, give them a chance to learn practically etiquettes of prayers, to eat, walking, speaking, visiting toilet and garden, caring pets, etc.

kids working collectively, successful parents

Speak truth to Child

cute kid. speak truth to child

Be truthful to your child. Never lie them. Do what you say and try to fulfill your promises at due time. Bring quality in prayers too. It’s not merely to show them rituals but to do it heartedly. Quality praying in front of them will be the truth of the action and inner side.

Involve Kids in Good Deeds

Encourage the child to take part in good deeds by involving them in it. Keep them with you while offering prayer, doing charity, or helping others. Sometimes do charity through there hands. Mange some collective activities for their betterment, like involve other kids while teaching them, arrange tajweed class, do plantation in a group or do a charity work involving their friends, etc. Hazrat Ibrahim has the best example of successful parents for us when he includes his child in building Ka’ba. Ismail(AS) brings stones, and He builds walls. Quran narrates it as:

KIds collective working

And [mention] when Abraham was raising the foundations of the House and [with him] Ishmael, [saying], “Our Lord, accept [this] from us. Indeed You are the Hearing, the Knowing.


Connect them to Allah

Connect child to Allah for their all needs. Teach them to call Allah in every situation; this will make them confident, self-dependent, and induce the strong trust of Allah in them. We humans are weak and can’t be there for kids always. So strongly connect them to Allah, who is everywhere and always there. First of all, teach them the oneness of Allah. Indulge touheed strongly in their hearts. This is most important to groom a positive Muslim personality.

Teach do’s and don’ts

The world is a new place for your young one. The child doesn’t know what to do and not. He is unable to differentiate between good and evil. Parents are responsible for teaching them right and wrong. They must appreciate good deeds and forbid from the wrong one. Educate them about halal and haram from early life. Never fed them from haram or prohibited source.

Teach Good Manners

Teach good manners to your kid. This will help them to confidently move in society as well as better outcomes in there academic and career. Islam gives us a complete set of good manners. Prophet (PBUH) said:

There is no gift that a father gives his son more worthy than good manners.

“Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1952

Abu-Darda (PBUH) reported:The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

Nothing will be more massive on the Day of Resurrection in the Scale of the follower than good manners. Allah hates one who speaks the foul or coarse language.

At- Tirmidhi

Teach child these good manners:

  • Say Salam when meeting someone like Asalam.o.alikum.
  • Being restful and dutiful to parents and older people.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with neighbors and relatives.
  • Table manners like washing hands, eating from their front, sharing, and keeping quite.
  • Speaking politely.
  • Forbade them from lying, backbiting, and abusing.
  • Being punctual
  • Be honest
kids sharing apple, successful parents techniques

Be kind and Polite

Always treat kids politely and witH kindness. Show patience on their mistakes. The child will learn and adopt more rapidly with love and affection. Shouting and scolding every time will destroy their personality, and they will apply this same to others.

Make Dua

successful parents making dua

While working hard for their proper training and growth, keep on making Dua. Make dua for there Worldly pursuits and hereafter. successful parents have to make an effort only Its completeness is to Allah. Never curse a child in anger.

Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

Three supplications will undoubtedly be answered: the prayer of one who has been wronged; the prayer of the traveler; and the prayer of a father for his child.

Sunan Ibn Majah 3862

Praise and Encourage them

Praise them on there good manners and deeds. This will encourage them to do more and keep on doing. Praise for any of their little effort will be fuel for there great achievements in life. But do remember never overpraise or use fake wording. Be truthful in your praise too.

Deal Stubborn Child Positively

While dealing with stubbornness in a child doesn’t raise a voice. Be polite and solve an issue with wisdom. Sometimes when a kid becomes addicted to some bad habit, try to change his intentions. Show him a bigger picture and divert to something more interesting for him. Successful parents keep an eye on child discrepancies and workout to correct them.

Set Limits and Be Consistent

Set limits for a child so that he knows right and wrong. Make proper rules for home and be consistent with yourself first. Moreover, warn children when crossing limits.