Internet Safety for Kids

There is no doubt that in today’s time, modern technology is an essential part of our lives, and it has a significant impact on the way we learn, live and work. So we can say that it the necessity of the day. However, technology plays a vital positive and negative role in people lives. There is a present, very valid argument on both sides. However, Muslims parent should learn technology uses like the internet. No doubt the internet is essential for the new generation and its appropriately positive use can change their lives very efficiently. Internet Safety for Kids must be learn by parents. But on the other end, it can destroy youngster by its harmful use.

Muslim Parents and Internet

The primary duty of Muslim parents is raising kids according to the teaching of Islam . Allah Almighty bless us with the birth of children in our home and also give their responsibility. He also attached an excellent reward for this responsibility. Allah says in the Quran:

Oh, you who believe! Save yourselves, and your families against a Fire (Jahanum) whose fuel is men and stones, over them are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not the order they receive from Allah but do that which they are ordered.

Quran: 66:6

A lot of teenager and kids know how to use the internet and do different things there, but there isn’t everything for Muslim. Many such things are present which are prohibited by Islam. Internet Safety for Kids is necessary So Muslims parents are struggling at their best to obey the command of Allah and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. But on the other hand, the internet world shows shining charms of the internet as well. No one can deny its necessity. But Muslim should be aware of some threats of its misuse. So Parents should keep their children away from some harmful material on the internet.

Some Harmful Threats of Internet

  • Scam sites
  • Fraudulent payment incentives
  • kidnap leading to violence
  • Nudity site
  • Terrorism Involvements
  • Dating sites
  • Immoral websites
  • Filthy materials
  • Pornographic websites

It is very much essential to keep proper measures with ethical accountability and monitoring as well. There must always be something kept in mind. Being a Muslims parent, we have to prevent our kids and teenagers by keeping our eyes on their internet use. Some essential things which patents need to do are given as under:

Give Guideline of Internet Safety for Kids

As everywhere, electronic devices are present, so Kids are keen to get them in their hand. Its also seen that parents also want them to engage with such tools. Mothers give mobiles or tab to kids so that they get some free time. Meanwhile, kids learn to use these devices and further come to know the internet. Parents must inform them of the better use and good sense of behaving online. They should teach them to use devices safely with proper responsibility. Give some following instruction to Kids and teenager regarding internet use.

  • Try not to talk stranger online.
  • Never chat unpleasantly or rudely online.
  • Never share Personal data like Address, Phone number, Account number, IP, Password or Credit card detail to a stranger.
  • Well, known people should be accepted as a friend on social media likes Facebook, Twitter, IMO or Whats-app.
  • Never post an embarrassing or rude picture or video of anyone.
  • Do not arrange a meeting with strangers.
  • Never download files from email without authentication.
  • Do not open new websites without confirming from parents that these are safe or not.
  • Try to use a nickname as a user name on any new website.
  • Do not share audio or video which can claim copyright.
  • Do not believe in social media statements or information that may be wrong.

Internet Safety Parents Need to Do

Parents must learn all the techniques that can be use for safe use of the internet by Kids. Internet Safety for Kids is task for parents. They need to make such an environment in which kids can be train well to take things positively. Kids and teenager are the best learners,s so little guidance and pleasant environment help them very effectively.

  • Keep screen where you can keep eyes on that.
  • Fix some rules for kids to use Mobile, laptop or computer etc.
  • Inform kids that they are monitor for their safety.
  • Share the stories of unsafe internet use to aware them of unknown threats.
  • Adults should go with them if any online person is going to meet.
  • If the meeting is necessary to try to meet in a public place and keep safe valuable.
  • If learning online, make sure you are learning from the registered institute and professionally mature people.
  • Only send money or valuables to a person well known to you.
  • Develop habits of kids and teenager using everything positively.
  • Keep Anti-virus and spam defender up-to-date all the times.
  • Remain closer to your kids in a friendly environment when they use the internet.

By adapting these mentioned precautions and measures, it is possible to get maximum benefits from the internet and avoid more threats attached to it. So Parents are only responsible not to leave the kids in the hands of the devil or evil. So must be watchful about your kids that what they do, where they go and with whom they spend most of their time. Within no period, Kids indulges in activities that can’t be handle by a parent then. Thus It is better to safe than in trouble because of being over-confident on your kids and teens. And we wish you and your family a safe and prosperous life.