Al- Akhir: The Last, The Endless

Al- Akhir: The Last, The Endless

Al- Akhir means The Last. Allah is the One who remains after all of creation has passed away. The One who is the last, the conclusion, the ultimate.The One who is behind all of creation. The One beyond whom there is nothing.

Akhir is from the root a-kh-r which has the following Arabic meanings:

  1. The antonym to The First (Al-Awwal).
  2. Last in counting.
  3. Survive for a long period.
  4. Remain for a longer period of time.
  5. The last word.

Other connotations in Arabic are:

  • To put back, to put behind, final, to be latter, to postpone, to put at the end, to be last, ultimate.

Name Al- Akhir in Quran

In Holy Quran this praise word of Al Akir is used in these words:


He is the First and the Last, the Highest and Most Near, and He has perfect knowledge of all things.

ALLAH NAMES, 55:26-27

Every being on earth is bound to perish. Only your Lord Himself, full of Majesty and Honour, will remain forever.


All the creators of the universe will end one day, each and everything has a decline to reach. But only Allah, the Highest will remain after all creation has passed. He is infinite with all His powers, wisdom, knowledge and might.

Explanation of Al-Akhir

All Creations Depend on Allah

All creators of the universe are dependent upon Allah for their worldly as well as hereafter needs. He is The First and The Last. Nothing will remain ever but He.

Praying with the name Al-Akhir

Every creator is directed to Allah. It means at the end we have to face Him, so, our prayers and supplications must also be directed toward Him. We must pray without a doubt. And with faith to of our meeting to Him at the end.

Asking Allah for every need

Asking Allah for every need is necessary as every life is temporary. How temporary creators can fulfil our needs in a true sense. Everyone is dependent and helpless, only Allah has the power and wisdom to help us and take care of all creations.

The human Heart is in Allah’s control

Allah is the owner of our hearts, thoughts, intentions and conations. Allah teaches us supplication to ask for the righteous path and pure heart as:

3:8 al Quran, heart

Our Lord! (they say), Lord, do not cause our hearts to deviate from Your guidance and grant us mercy. You are the Most Awarding One.

Al Quran 3:8

Allah is the Last one, no one can guide us on the right path without Him. So, we must ask Him for the blessing of faith.

What I must do Now

understanding Al-Akhir
  1. All creations must bow down to Allah.
  2. All our good deeds must be directed towards Allah, as in the end, we will return to Him.
  3. Spend life in way of Allah.
  4. Focus on Allah and His teachings and be ready for death and hereafter.