Night/Tahajjud Prayer | A Scientific Analysis

Tahajjud means waking after sleep and offering prayer at the last portion of the night after some sleep. It’s not only the prayer but also a fight against one comfort, its to give up sweet sleep to stand in front of Almighty. This prayer is that amazing power that a person who regularly offer it will fight against any power.

Meaning of Tahajud

Tahajjud prayer is an optional prayer. It offering time is during the night after waking up from sleep. Meaning of “tahajud” is “to give up hujud”. It means “to give up or leave off sleep”. This prayer is most rewarding in all extravagant prayers. In tahajjud prayer supplications are accepted as a person is nearest to Allah at this time.

Scientific Analysis of Tahajjud prayer

In 1990 scientific American published a research paper. The research was carried out in the University of Barcelona, experiments were conducted on animals and human brain during sleep with the help of metal disks (electrodes). This test called EEG detects electrical activity in our brain using small electrodes attached to the scalp. Brain cells are active all the time and can communicate via electrical impulses. Brain cells can send impulses even when we are sleeping. This activity shows up as wavy lines on an EEG recording. The purpose of this research was to study memory patterns after sleep.

Another research publishes in International Journal of Advances in Medical Sciences. Aim of this research was to study the effects of tahajud on physical and mental health. Data was collected from previous researches for concluding the relation of midnight prayer with stress variables.


Researches show that after taking sleep human memory increases. Prayer at last part of the night is the best time to ask for forgiveness. We can easily recall our sins and repent with a pure heart.

Studies further conclude that difference in a stress response before and after someone performs tajahud prayer. The stress response will decrease after night prayer. Body balance is regulated by the hormone system and which in turn regulate the immune system. Levels of Hormone cortisol demonstrates Stress, anxiety, and depression. Tahajud prayer gives a positive perception of the body, this positivity results in balance hormones levels. As prostration at night supply oxygen-rich blood to the brain. So, the secretion of hormone in hypothalamus “adrenocorticotropic”(ACTH) will be stable. stable (ACTH) causes alpha and beta receptors to move stably and lower cortisol levels. This helps to build a positive immune system.

Tahajud prayer gives a significant effect on the stress response, increase memory, boost positive emotions. It also improves physical health. Similar research shows that night prayer can stabilize high blood pressure.

Meeting Almighty at this peaceful time builds a strong relationship with Him. It will improve mental, physical and spiritual health. May Allah help us all to offer tahajud regularly.