Al-Awwal (The First, The Beginning-less)

Al-Awwal: The First

Al-Awwal means the first, the one who is foremost, the beginning, the foremost. It is the Prior-Existing One, who existed before all of creation. The One who is the cause of all the worlds, and the beginning of every thought, action or command.
The word Awwal is derived from root a-w-l which has the following Arabic connotations:

  • to be first, to be before
  • The principle, to come back to, to return
  • to precede, to be the first part, to be foremost

Al-Awwal in Quran

In Holy Quran beautiful Ayah from surah, al Hadid contains this praise words as

Al-awwal, Allah names

He is the First and the Last, the Highest and Most Near, and He has perfect knowledge of all things.

Al Quran 57:3

Each and every creator in this universe will perish, all have potentially the inherent capacity to perish. No one has the power to come in existence or end life. Only the Supreme Being of Allah is such that neither non-existence has ever occurred to Him, nor can death overtake Him. There was nothing before Allah, He created everything and He is the First Cause of all existent things.

Allah must be Awwal in our lives

Allah is the First, so make Him first in our lives. We must give priorities to prayers, good deeds and obedience to Allah. Our plannings and thoughts must include searching for ways to please Allah. He must of our First love and reason to love. Quran says:

Then We granted the Book to those We have chosen from Our servants. Some of them wrong themselves, some are moderate, and some are foremost in good deeds by Allah’s permission. That is truly the greatest bounty.

Quran 35:32

So be the “saabiqoon” who are first to good deeds. We must:

  1. Give priority to our prayers. It should be offered on time, and with humbleness.
  2. Please Allah first and He will definitely please us. He beautifies His true followers as their obedience increase. Moreover, Focus on pleasing Allah first in everything, He will give all a beautiful position in people’s eyes.
  3. Put the Quran first in studies and then in practical lives. Make understanding, reciting and interacting with the Quran should be the basis and priority of all your studies.