Lessons of the Quran

The Quran contains Allah’s message to humans. It tells people how to act right. Holy Book guides us in every aspect of life. It also talks about the hereafter. It indicates the concept of hell as well as paradise. Quran also encourages worship of Allah most merciful most beneficent. Islam is the second-largest religion in the world . So it is a complete religion with the complete guideline book. The Quran is the best to book, which contains human development technology. Lessons of the Quran are much powerful. It also includes stories of the past Prophets and the lesson of bad and good people with an example.

People are advised in the Quran to choose the right path and leave wrong. It encourages us to be kind to others and respect them. It also teaches people to live in peace and harmony. Islam is a vast religion and has unique teaching which can transform lives to better. Lessons of the Quran purpose is strongly focusing, discipline and determination with sustain effort are required for Growth and transformation. The Quran was revealed to Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH in 610 AD by the angel Gabriel and now serves as a wellspring of Islamic wisdom and guidance. So the Quran indicates valuable lesson which makes better Muslim by practicing in life. Few essential aspects of life that found in Quran are as under:

Lessons of the Quran

Lesson 1 Avoid “I”:

Word “I” should be avoided in life. Where “I” is coming to its looks like a self-benefit. .”I” is the most Selfish one letter. So avoid to be selfish and do care for others so that Allah is happy with you. Allah says in the Quran:

Indeed, Allah does not like those who are self-deluding and boastful

Quran 4:36
avoid "I" Lessons of the Quran

Lesson 2 Use We:

Word “WE” should be preferred. These two letters are the most satisfying. Collectives and gathered together makes things easy. The individual is firm when in nation’s otherwise nothing. It is amazing Lessons of the Quran. As the wave is powerful when in the ocean, but as it jumps out, it becomes finish. Allah says it in the Quran:

Say! Oh, Prophet, “Allah’s guidance is the ˹only˺ right guidance. And we are commanded to submit to the Lord of all worlds, establish prayer, and be mindful of Him. To Him, you will all be gathered together.

Quran 6:71-72

Lesson 3 Kill Ego:

kill ego Lessons of the Quran

Ego” is the worst enemy of personality, which consist of 3 letters. It will make you proud, and you will think that you are complete and don’t need anything or anyone. The ego will bring bitterness in you and also jealous. Thus it will make you alone one day. Allah in the Quran clearly orders to kill the ego.

He replied, “I have been granted all these because of some education I have.” Did he not know that Allah had already destroyed some from the generations before him who were far superior to him in power and higher in accumulating “wealth”? There will be no need for the wicked to be asked about their sins.

Quran 28:78

Lesson 4 Value Love:

The most valuable four letters are Love. It makes the world beautiful and happy. Islam is known as the religion of Love and Peace. According to Islam Quran also preaches Love and compassion for others. So it is an excellent lesson of Quran, as ALLAH almighty says:

And one of His hints is that He created for you couples from among yourselves so that you may find comfort in them. And He has placed between your compassion and mercy. Surely in this are hints for people who reflect.

Quran 30:21

Lesson 5 Give Smile:

A smile is a tremendous communicating tool. Word smile consists of Five letters. So it looks like a very positive gesture in relations. It is the impression of the face which usually start communication. Thus smile expresses happiness, pleasure and approval. It is very important lesson we get from the Quran. Quran says:

Moreover, He is the One Who brings about joy and sadness.

Quran 53:43

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH Said:

“Do not abuse anyone, don,t look down upon any good deed, and when you talk to your brother, show him a cheerful face”.

Sunan Abu Dawud
keep smiling

Lesson 6 Ignore Rumour:

Rumour is a statement which may or may not be accurate. Rumour consist of six letters which can ruin the lives as well as the relation. It circulates rapidly and become a broken statement. So we should not believe on such news and ignore them. A good Lessons of the Quran we need to ignore rumours. Allah also forbids of such suspicious talks as in the Quran:

Oh, believers! Avoid many suspicions, ˹for˺ indeed, some doubts are sinful. And do not spy, nor backbite one another, Would anyone of you like to eat the meat of their dead brother? You would hate that! And fear Allah. Surely Allah is ˹the˺ Accepter of Repentance, Most Merciful.

Quan 49:12

Lesson 7 Achieve Success:

success hardwork Lessons of the Quran

Success is the combination of 7 letters and indicates handwork to achieve the goal. It is only conditioned to success in both worlds. To achieve success and bring change in life. Quran directs us in many ways. So opportunities to progress never end. As Allah guide us in the Quran:

By men who are not distracted, either by buying or selling from Allah’s remembrance, or performing salat, Or paying alms tax. They scare a Day when hearts and eyes will be tremble, hoping that Allah may reward them according to the best of their works, and increase them out of His grace. And Allah provides for whomever He wills without limit.

Quran 24:37-38

Lesson 8 Donot Jealous:

Jealousy is considered a sin in Islam and most discouraging and destructive emotion. Jealousy makes heart impure as well as faithless. It is kind of feeling which damage jealous person himself physically, morally and mentally. Thus it snatches the peace and happiness of a person. Jealousy is such a sickness in which destroy mental peace and happiness. So Jealous person do everything to make others unhappy. We can get many Lessons of the Quran which are against such jealousy. Allah says:

And don,t crave what Allah has given some of you over others. Men will be rewarded according to their works, and women ˹equally˺ according to theirs. Instead, ask Allah for His bounties. Surely Allah has ˹best˺ knowledge of all things.

Quran 4:32

Remember˺ when they said ˹to each other˺, “Surely Joseph and his brother ˹Benjameen˺ are more beloved to our father than we, even, however, we are a group of so many. No doubt, our father is mistaken. Kill Joseph Or cast him out to some faraway area so that our father attention will be only for us, then after that, you may ˹repent and˺ become righteous people.

Quran 12:8-9

Lesson 9 Acquire Knowledge:

Acquiring knowledge is obligatory on all Muslims. Knowledge puts the potential of a person to a maximum level. Therefore Human being without education is not in a proper sense. Education indicates the right path. It helps a person to think and make the right decisions. So the first word of the Quran revealed was Iqra that is read. Allah says in the Quran:

Read! In the Name of your Allah Who has created (Everything). He has created man from a clot (A piece of thick blood). Read And your Creator is the Most Munificent. Who has taught (the writing) by the pen? He has taught person that which he knew not.

Quran, 96: 1-5
knowledge is power  Lessons of the Quran

Allah also says:

By the Quran, rich in wisdom!

Quran 36:2

Lesson 10 Confidence Allah:

Muslim who trust Allah never loses hope or disappointment. They remain in a positive state of mind in any situation. He keeps struggling with the expectations of success. So he tries best and looks for wisdom. It’s the vital thing that Muslim have strong faith in Allah. Allah emphasis it in Quran as:

Say, “Nothing will ever befall us besides what Allah has destined for us. He is our Protector.” So in Allah, let the believers put their trust.

Quran 9:51

Surely those who trust and do good, their Allah will guide them ˹to Heaven˺ through their faith, and rivers will flow under their feet in the Gardens of Bliss.

Quran 10:9

The Quran is the most truthful speech. Every word in the Quran is the word of Almighty Allah. Peace and success can be attained when we follow the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH obediently. The Holly book is full of lessons. May Allah make it easier for us to practice. Ameen

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