The QURAN: Secret of Health

The Quran is regarded as spiritual as well as behavioural guidance for all Muslims. The Quran has complete guidance for humans to serve a perfect and healthy life. Each aspect of life is explained with clear examples and a practical rule model. Similarly, health is one of the basic preference in many verses. Nearly Twentyeight verses are specifying for health-promoting. These verses focus on diet and nutrition, personal hygiene, alcohol abstention, and the significance of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore we can say that the Quran can serve as improving and maintaining healthy behaviour, particularly in Muslim communities.

Moreover, the Holy Quran is the last and Final Sacred book of Allah and was revealed on his Last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. It’s not only the parables of previous nations of Prophets but also a great spiritual cure of worries of ailments of heart and soul. Quran is a complete package for true believers and the perfect method of removing hardships. The total secret of a healthy life can be summarized in three verses of The Quran. By concentrating on these true words one can serve a healthy life. Out of many health-related verses, the three most clear verses for health are as under:

Three Verses healthy-life Secret

Healthy Diet

1. Eat & Drink, but do not waste.

We can say that health is definitely dependent on diet. A proper diet plan can make a person healthy. For maintaining physical health Holy Book direct us to very important formulas. Eating and drinking appropriately not only for the health benefit but also is a great worship to Almighty Allah. The qualified researcher had found that humans life increases to 20% by following the Islamic diet plan. A definite proportion of eating and drinking lead to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol as both are the reason for sudden death. To optimize physical health human should,t eat and drink so much. Allah Almighty orders us not to waste food by extravagance. So Allah don,t like a person who wastes food by extravagance.

Water for healthy-life

2. And We created from water every living thing.

Islam gives much importance to water. The Holy Qur’an describes it as a natural source that is a necessity for life. Water sustains and purifies nature. Islam also clarifies the water as a substance from which Allah created man and initiate life on earth. Scientists prove that water is the best liquid for staying hydrated and healthy. Plants and animals also take water to grow. Water is the main part of the blood and provides a medium for chemical reaction to take place. It maintains body temperature by sweating.

Additionally, water circulates blood throughout the body which brings nutrients from the stomach. Water keeps the body alive so that different organ works properly. It also helps the blood to carry oxygen from the lungs to parts of the body. Water plays a vital rule in digestion by mean of saliva. The human body contains about 70% of water. It makes urine which helps toxic chemical to remove out of the body.

Moreover, saliva, which helps animals and people digest food, is mostly water. Water helps make urine. Urine helps remove bad chemicals from the body. The human body is between 60% and 70% water. It makes urine which helps toxic chemical to remove out of the body. Water regulates body systems like hydration, respiration, excretion, nervous etc.

Day and nights for healthy-life

3. And made the night as a cover, and made the day for livelihood.

One of the most important evidence of Allah in the Quran is the Matters of the universe like the sun, moon and the solar system. A person can understand the world when he sees around and thinks about the science behind it. Researchers are discovering different massive things which were already found in the Holy Quran. Which are clear enough to gather ourselves by using our intelligence. Magnificient Allah is the creator of all these systems. Only Allah is the sustainer of the universe. The process of day and night is very much dominant which ordinary people can also observe. The Sun shines during day time and the moon comes at night.

Importance of Day and Night

However, Allah mentions in the Quran is that He has made a day for us to work and night for us to rest. Working in the day has benefits which include health also. The light of the sun has positive effects on the mind and body. It energizes the body to more work. Sunlight is a rich source of vitamin D which is important for bones and muscles.

Similarly, Night has its own speciality as it comes with darkness and silence. So it is a feasible time for the body to rest and relax. To restore the energy of the body night sleeping is necessary. It is one of the major ways to maintain body health and growth. Hence night is the great blessing of Allah. We should discipline our bodies and mind to follow correct routines. May Allah enable all of us to follow his instructions in the Quran, Ameen.