Hazrat Khatija bint Khuwaylid(RA) |Woman of Jannah

Hazrat Khatija (RA) was First Muslim woman and wife of Prophet(PBUH). She is one of Woman of Jannah as depicted in Hadiths.

Ibn Abbas narrated: The Prophet of Allah(PBUH) said:

The best of women among the people of Paradise are Khadija bint Khuwaylid, Fatimah bint Muhammad, Maryam bint ‘Imran, and ‘Asiyah bint Muzahim, the wife of Pharaoh.

Musnad Aḥmad 2896

When Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet(PBUH) praise some personalities, Its clearly a recommendation for us. That we have true role models in them. Prophet (PBUH) lists women of Jannah in this Hadith. so, who want Jannah and want the true pleasure of Allah must discover their life. Moreover, for successful family life and a healthy society women play the main role, so we must follow their footprints.

Hazrat Khatija(RA)

Hazrat Khadija(RA) was born to a noble and rich family. Her father, Khuwaylid ibn Asad, was a merchant. Khadijah’s mother, Fatima bint Za’idah, was a member of the Amir ibn Luayy clan of the Quraysh and a third cousin of Muhammad’s mother. After his father died, she took over the family’s business. Being businesswomen she soon got good name and distinction within the Quraish due to her fair dealings and devotion. She got name Tahira, the pure one, due to fair dealing.

She married twice before the Holy Prophet(PBUH). first to Atiq bin Aidh bin Abdullah and later to Abu Hala bin Al Nabbash. Both husbands passed away in her early life.

Marriage to the Holy Prophet(PBUH)

Hazrat Khadija(RA) was an esteemed businesswoman. She traded through all leading commerce centres at that time. She would never travel with caravan herself but employed an agent to trade on her behalf. Once she was in search of an honest person who would take her merchandise to Syria. Hazrat Abu Talib suggested her name of Holy Prophet(PBUH). Prophet(PBUH) returned with an astonishing profit due to His sincerity and honesty. She was really impressed by His strong character and blessed personality. She sent the marriage proposal to the Holy Prophet(PBUH) which He accepted and they got married. At that time The Holy Prophet(PBUH) was 25 and Hazrat Khadija (RA) was 40 years of age. She has six children four daughters and two sons. Both sons died at an early age.

Born: 555 in Mecca, Arabia

Full name: Khadija bint Khuwaylid

Father: Khuwaylid ibn Asad

Mother: Fatima bint Zai‘dah

Tribe: Quraish, Banu Asad

Titles: Tahira (pure), Mother of the believers, Khadija al-Kubrah (Khadija the great)

The first Revelation

When the Holy Prophet(PBUH) was 40 years old, he received his first revelation. At that time He was Very agitated and returned home shivering with fear and distress. He shared His feelings to his wife and told her about His fears of the responsibility from Allah. But she was such a wonderful lady and supportive, faithful and understandable wife that she speaks these words for Him:

“Allah will never disgrace you, while you are kind and considerate to your relations, help the poor and the forlorn and bear their burdens, You treat guests with honour and help those who are in distress.”

After that, she took Him to her cousin Waraqa bin Naufal, who was a renowned scholar of past religious scriptures. He after hearing all situation confirmed Holy Prophet(PBUH) of his prophethood. Thus, Hazrat Khatija (RA) was the first person and woman to believe in her husband’s mission and embrace Islam.

Qualities of Hazrat Khadija (RA)

Pious Woman

Hazrat Khadija(RA) was a softhearted woman. Before accepting Islam she was renowned for helping poor, providing financial assisting to needy and proving marriage assistance to poor women. She never believed in, nor worshipped idols even before Islam.

Faithful and loving wife

She was very faithful to her husband. She stands with Him in every difficulty they supported each other in what was important to them, and they actively encouraged each other to seek out and do what was right. Together, they were the best version of themselves, not just towards each other but to all those around them…Hazrat Khadijara demonstrated unequivocal faith and support for the Prophetsa in the moments when he was alone and helpless. She stood firmly by him and sacrificed her vast wealth to promote her husband’s cause.

She remained steadfast and practised immense patience at the face of the oppositions levelled against her family by the adversaries of Islam. Despite all this, she filled her home with peace and provided her husband solace. It is no wonder she was promised a palace in paradise wherein she was promised no clamour or fatigue. (Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith 3819)

Services to Islam

Hazrat Khatija (RA) provides moral and financial support to cause of Islam at early difficult times of preachings. She granted all her wealth at her husband’s pious cause. and spread of Islam. Her services can only be best described in the words of the Holy Prophet(PBUH)himself, he said:

She believed in me when the whole world refuted and attested to my veracity when the whole world accused me of falsehood. She offered me sympathy and loyalty with her wealth when everyone else had to leave me.

(Musnad Ahmad, Vol. 6, p. 117)

The year of Grief

During 10th year of the first revelation to Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH), His beloved wife and protector and uncle Hazrat Abu Talib, died. He became very unhappy, Hence, this year is known as the year of grief (Aam-ul-Huzn), owed to the loss of Hazrat Khadija(RA), a caring wife and a faithful proponent of Islam; and Hazrat Abu Talib.

Hazrat Khadija (RA) died at the age of 65 and was buried in the Meccan cemetery of Hujoon. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) lost his family and Islam lost its valuable defenders.