Thieves of Month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a special blessing for Muslim. It’s a time period to wash out our sins and to make a routine of good deeds. The whole month is a practice to start disciplined and a healthy lifestyle. The month of Ramadan is the mercy of Allah on us that we can multiply our rewards. But mostly we waste this precious time. Our unnecessary engagements in different things deprive us of unlimited rewards from Allah. We, therefore, have to recognize these thieves of the month of Ramadan. So that nothing can steal our rewards and lessen our share of blessings.


It’s the thief that resides in every home. Mostly, we spend our day time watching dramas and Ramadan transmissions. These definitely steal away our time for prayer and supplications. In this way, we fail to get the full benefit from this month.

TV in the month of Ramadan
avoid bazar in the month of Ramadan


Bazar is the most attractive place for everyone to visit. But in the month of Ramadan people spend more time shopping and eid ul Fitr preparations. Most ladies are involved in window shopping. Visiting markets, again and again, is a waste of time and money. It is a thief which steals our precious Ramadan days and nights. We must avoid unnecessary visits to markets, and manage to buy necessary things in one visit. Save this time to get closer to Allah.


Fasting is to abstain from eating and drinking the whole day. It means we can use much time in prayers and good deeds. But in preparation for sahoor and aftar, we are extravagant. Women spare full time in the kitchen in cooking. They prepare many dishes and also try new ones in Ramadan. This leads to waste of time and food also. Moreover, eating so much after fast especially spicy and oily food is not good for health. Be simple in eating to safe time, health and Ramadan.

kitchen time in sehr o aftar
social media harms in the month of Ramadan

Social Media

Most of us spend many hours of the day using social media. It is a thief who wastes time just watching posts and ewindow shopping and unnecessary comments and chats. It’s a good thing if used for a positive purpose. But a big enemy when used just for fun and tool to waste time. It refrains from dhikr, supplications and prayers.


The young generation is involved in online games just to spend days of Ramadan. Moreover at night physical games are prefered. In villages, most people play ludo game just for time to pass in Ramadan. Healthy games and activities are important. But spending the whole day and night playing and spending less or no time in dhikr and praying is a big loss. In this way, most people get no blessing on a special blessed night of Ramadan called the Night of Qadr.

time wasting games in fasting
over sleeping destroy ramadan blessings


Oversleeping is not good for health and work. In Ramadan sleeping is considered to be a better alternative to waking and doing something. Sleeping all day in the month of fasting deprive us of blessings and rewards. A better approach is to take normal sleep and spend time in prayer. This will better and profitable alternative.

We all know that we have to face our deeds in life after death. Our life is merely preparation for punishment or reward in hereafter. Ramadan is a bonus in life to multiply rewards and fill a book of deeds with good deeds. We must not waste our time on such things which have less benefit and more loss. Fasting a month is a profitable deal. So, we must not waste huge profit on just fun and comfort. Spend days and night of Ramadan in dhikr, invocations, prayers and understanding Quran and hadiths. All must do hard work in worships to get the Night of Decree. Use precious time in increasing knowledge of Islam. Spare some time for daily supplications, especially Astaghfar. Moreover, make a habit to do good to others and spread love and peace.