Asiya bint Muzahim – The Wife of the Pharaoh

Asiya bint Muzahim (RA) was the wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh. She came from a rich family. In addition, she was a very beautiful and generous lady. Allah (SWT) declares her as a role model for believers in the Quran as:

And Allah presents an example of those who believed: the wife of Pharaoh

Al Quran 66:11

Pharaoh was the most powerful, arrogant and tyrant rulers of Egypt. But his wife was a pious lady. Moreover, her faith was so honourable and high that Allah Himself presented her example among the believers. And by Allah, the Pharaoh’s disbelief did not affect his wife when she decided to obey her true Lord.

Adoptation of Moses(AS)

Fortune teller told the Pharaoh that he would be overtaken by a man from the Children of Israel. He ordered to kill all male babies. So when Prophet Moses (AS) was born, his mother feared for his life. But Allah assured her that he would be safe from harm. Allah ordered her to place him in a basket and put him in the Nile. And when Prophet Moses (AS)’s mother did what she was ordered. The household of Firhon picked him up to kill him. But Hazrat Asiya (RA) convinced Pharaoh not to kill him and adopted him as a son. 

And the family of Pharaoh picked him up so that he would become to them an enemy and grief. Indeed, Pharaoh and Haman and their soldiers were deliberate sinners. And the wife of Pharaoh said, “[He will be] a comfort of the eye for me and for you. Don’t kill him; perhaps he may benefit us, or we may adopt him as a son.”

Al Quran 28:8-9

Acceptance of Islam

Prophet Moses (AS) grew in the house of the Pharaoh, under the kind protection of Hazrat Asiya(RA). Years later, he was bestowed with prophethood. When commanded by Allah, he invited the Pharaoh and the people to one God. Hazrat Asiya (RA) acknowledged the truth in Him and accept the path that leads to the One and Only Allah. She left ill beliefs of Pharaoh and started worshipping Allah secretly.


When Pharaoh discovered that his wife has accepted Moses Lord as true God, he tried to turn away Her from truth. But She refused to reject faith in Allah. She rejected her luxurious life and ask Allah for house in Him as:

“My Lord, build for me a house in Paradise near You and save me from Pharaoh and his deeds and save me from the wrongdoing people.”

Al Quran 6:11

After this Pharaon tortured her a lot. He took her to the desert, kept in sun, starved her, and tortured her to death.

Qualities of Hazrat Asiya(RA) Wife of the Pharaoh


When Asiya heard Hazrat Musa’s true message she admit it at once. Her husband tortured her to the extreme but she remained firm and believe in Allah. She was the first lady of that time and had everything of worldly comfort, wealth, jewellery, maids, power and status but he sacrifices all these for eternal success, which is near Allah.

Strong Character

Asiya was a complete personality with a powerful character. Her mind and her soul were independent of her husband. And her heart was not a slave to his ill beliefs. She totally refused to submit to the tyranny of her husband but devout her soul and life to Allah.


Hazrat Asiya show patience over all the tortures of Pharaoh. She kept eye on eternal success and love for Allah and ignore her husbands ill wills.

Kind Lady

Asiya(RA) was very kind, unlike her husband. When Pharaoh wanted to kill baby Musa(AS), she requested him not to do so.