Subject Educator Overview

Subject Educator (SE) is an online Quran teaching service. SE founded in 2010. We specialize in teaching the Holy Quran to kids as well as adults online. Teachers Online teach in Canada, the US, UK, and Australia through distance learning. Our mission is to attain the pleasure of Allah by delivering His teaching to every human. We are looking forward to teaching the Quran and Islamic knowledge with clear essence. So we want such an atmosphere that boosts students to strive for success. Therefore we give quality education, which includes the Quran, Sunnah, Islamic principles, and morals. Our organization is delivering successfully and teaching hundreds of students. We want our students the role model of Islam. May Allah help us to fulfill our mission.

Teachers Online for Non-Muslims

SE mentoring is also valid for non-Muslim brothers. Usually, non-Muslim have a neighborhood within the Muslim community in different countries. They are sometimes willing to learn the holy Quran and Hadith. SE offers them, special free classes. We aim to spread the theory of Islam. We also want love and peace in the world. Therefore SE inspires students to be a pride Muslim with their good loving behavior as Islam preaches. Keep connecting in a secure way to raise the collective consciousness. Besides, religions, communities, languages are not our rims. Let us serve to spread love and kindness to all on this planet. May Allah help us in a noble cause.

Teachers Online of Arts and Science

We are also looking forward to teaching students of Art and Science. They will soon be part of the SE. Thus the syllabus of different subjects will be cover. SE likes to bring all topics by a single institute. Subject specialists should hire for each Subject. We also customize class by student’s needs. Because we have an excellent understanding of how to relate with a native American/European kid and connect with him in a way that he grasps the Subject effortlessly, surely, quality should be contained.