Inspirational Qualities

Islam preaches the best behavior of humans. Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims are representative of Islam. Allah created us in a manner that we are associated with one and other. So all strive to fulfill other’s needs and requirements. Good Muslims should enhance some Inspirational Qualities in them which win the heart of others. There are good merits that help to overcome imperfection and captivates others’ hearts. Winning hearts and minds is a great acknowledgment. Our religion guide perfectly ideal behavior with the proper demonstration. The practice is capable of powerful effectiveness in charming hearts. Prophet Muhammad PBUH was the rule model for all Muslims, which indicates Inspirational Qualities a lot. Some heart winnings characteristic is discussed as below:

7 Inspirational and Heart Winnings Qualities

Smiling Face

Smile is the most important and first thing that indicates good behavior. It is as essential as salt for food. It is also considered as a kind of worship and alms-giving. A smiling face is a potent tool. It is excellent when it comes from someone stronger to weaker. And how good when an older person smile at someone younger. And how great a smile when it offered from the ruler to ruled. It is always powerful when it comes to a time of crises, disaster, or and panic situation. So we can say its a really wonderful Inspirational Quality.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was always bright-faced and cheerful. According to different Hadith he ever kept smiling in the face of his fellows As narrated by Abdullah ibn Al-Harith ibn Hazm:

smiling a inspiration quality

“I have never seen any person who smiles more than the Prophet does.


Abu Dhar also Narrated from Prophet Muhammad PBUH that:

Don,t disdain a good deed (no matter how small it may seem) even you meet with your brother with a cheerful face.

Sahih Muslim

Initiative In Greetings

To be initiative in greeting indicates good behavior. It is a powerful gesture for newly meeting people. A warm reception and friendly welcome is good Ingratiate anyone in others. Such practices are always a helpful Inspirational Qualities. Hugging and Shaking hands strengthens brotherhood feelings. Its a sort of kindness toward others. Such a thing improves your social relations. Warmly greeting to others also increases your value and respect. Words of greeting should be Aslam o Alaikum. The face is regarded as an index to the mind.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH also emphasizes the initiative in greeting. It’s a wise way to get attention. In different places, Prophet Muhammad himself greet first. Prophet SAW likes it because it,s disheartenment of ego and arrogance. Umar Al Nadi tells us that he goes out once with Umar ibn al Khattab’s son. While walking, he found him saluting all to whom he met, whether being young or old. Al Hasan al-Basri also said: “Shaking hands increases brotherhood feelings.” The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

greetings first is inspirational

Do not ever waste your good deeds, even by meeting your brother with a frowning face.” He also said, “Shaking hands removes hatred and exchanging gifts enhances love and ends enmity.

Gifts and Presents

Gifts and Presents are surprising, charming affection that’s capable of all senses. It is considered to be is good Inspirational Qualities that people exchanges gifts in families and friends on different occasions. Presents-giving not only makes them feel happy, but it also yields greater rewards for you too. It’s a perfect way to divert their attention from problems and stresses to happiness. Gifts sharing are excellent if they are making positive impacts on the life of others. Prophet Muhammad PBUH strongly recommends this powerful tool of heart winning.

Narrated Abu Umamah: That The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

gifts packed

If anyone intercedes for his brother, so he presents a gift to him for that, and he receives it, he proposes a great door of the doors of usury.

Sunan Abi Dawud 3541

Speak Less and Speak Good

Try to talk less, slow, and sweet. Only speak in the time when you consider it essential. Always think before you speak. Give attention to others so that they also hear you attentively. You need not impress others. Impressing others should be your least concern in life. People will like you for your deeds, and if someone don,t like you, it doesn’t matter. So stop bragging your status and achievements. Speaking does matter in any aspect. Our manners, the expression, the tone of our voice all indicates the family we belong.

Moreover, less talking is good for others as they get space to give their ideas. Words are more powerful tools. Simple or short wording may affect more. Just speakers must know what to speak and when to speak. So little and meaningful conversation is enough. Prophet Muhammad PBUH also likes a well-mannered conversation. He said, “The right word is a charity ” If the terms have their magic in winning the hearts of enemies, how powerfully so it would also work with your brothers’ hearts!

speak less,, speak good

Listen Always Good

Good listening is something you can do with everyone. It will not limit you to authority figures. Many people, like your friends, your family, or new people, interact in your life. Always try to listen to them patiently with full concentration. It’s the right way to give attention to others and also to understand easily. Never interrupt the speaker until he finishes his speech. By good listening, you can gain many benefits and encourages addressee to feel valued as well. This habit of listening also helps you to see the world with the eyes of others. It helps to learn more and increase the capacity of empathy. Excellent listening skills will enable you to understand deeper. It’s good to know better word selections.

Not to talk while others are speaking. Letting the speaker know you are listening through facial expression. You may also repeat word for word partially what others talk. Make eye contact, often take their name, and smile. Don’t come out as a creep, though. If you listen better, they will also listen to you better. And mutual understanding and relationship will be better. So as the value you will give others, you will get back the same.

listen good is inspirational quality,

Dress Properly and Appear Well

You should dress appropriately, iron, and neat. Your appearance and dressing is the first impression on others. Good dressing for meetings creates a better atmosphere. It defines you as a man. You meet people on different occasions. The various events have different numbers of people, and somewhere you have to interact only nonverbal. So your appearance and dressing effect on the people.

Good dressing brings confidence in you, and you can present better. The people you are communicating will like to talk with you if you appear well. Using of sweet perfume also inspires others. Allah also likes neat and clean proper dressing. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH says that Allah loves beauty to be in everything. Umar Ibn Al Khattab also said, ” I like the youth who perfumed sweetly and dressed cleanly.”

proper islamic dressing

Help and Be Kind to Others

The real happiness is to serve others. It should be the purpose of the life of a Muslim. However, when helping others, you should not expect anything in return. The intention should be to bring easiness and happiness for others. It’s also an excellent tool for a happy inner self. Happiness and satisfaction begin from the moment you assist others. This practice is not only good for faith, but it also great for mental health and releasing stress. Hence it is one of the great Inspirational Qualities.

Helping others should be done from the heart. Sincerely. Do favor of weak people faithfully. Help others by using your mind, body, money, and speech. If anyone does this, he will reward him. If you help others with any expectation of getting something back, it will not be faithful, and that person will feel uncomfortable. So this is not a firming of your relationship. It, ll hurt instead of assistance. Magnificent Allah said in the Quran:

helping each other inspiration

Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness. And do not assist each other in acts of sinfulness and transgression. And be aware of Allah. Verily, Allah is severe in punishment.


Prophet Muhammad PBUH also said:

Whoever helps his brother in time of need, Allah will be there in his time of need.

Sahi Muslim