Hajj: Islam’s sacred Pilgrimage

Hajj is the annual pilgrimage to Mecca makarma. Its fifth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory for a person having certain wealth to fulfil expenditures of travel and stay in Saudi Arabia. How To Perform Hajj should be learned by every pilgrim.

Types of Hajj (Pilgrimage)

There are three types of Hajj, given below:

  1. Hajj-ul-Ifrad
  2. Hajj-ul-Qiran
  3. Hajj-ul-Tamattu
Types of Hajj

Hajj-ul-Ifrad(Hajj only)

Hajj-ul-Ifrad is the simplest form of Hajj. The word ‘Ifrad’ means singling something. A pilgrim during hajj days enters into the state of Ihram with the intention of performing Hajj only. He does not combine pilgrimage with Umrah. The pilgrim who performs Hajj Ifrad is called “Mufrid”. Sacrifice/Qurbani is not obligatory for Mufrid.

Hajj-ul-Qiran (Umrah Merged with Hajj)

The word ‘Qiran’ means combining two things together. Hajj-ul- Qiran a pilgrim combines Hajj and Umrah. He wears Ihram with the intention to perform Hajj and umrah. After that, he performs acts of Hajj. The person who performs Hajj-ul-Qiranis called a Qarin. 
Qarin must have to slaughter an animal.

Hajj-ul-Tamattu (Umarah Followed with Hajj)

The word ‘Tamattu’ means enjoying something. In Hajj-ul-Tamattu, a pilgrim wears Ihram for Umrah only during the months of Hajj. After reaching Macca, he offers Tawaf and Sa’ee for Umrah. He performs Qasr on the eighth of Dhul-Hijjah, he assumes his Ihram for Hajj. After that, he performs all duties of Hajj. The person who performs Hajj-ul-Tamattu is called a Mutamatti. It is the most recommended form of Hajj. Sacrifice is obligatory for Mutamatti.

Days of Hajj(Ayam e Hajj)

  1. 8th Dhul Hajj | Yawm Tarvia
  2. 9th Dhul Hajj | Yawm Arafah
  3. 10th -12th Dhul Hajj | Ayam e Nahr
  4. 10th- 13th Dhul Hajj | Ayam e Rami
  5. 9th-13th Dhul Hajj | Ayam e Tashreeq

How To Perform Hajj

How To Perform Hajj is basic learning and it is distributed into easy steps.

Duties or Rituals of Hajj

Obligatory (Fard) Duties of Hajj

Ihram / Intention 

It is obligatory to make the intention of Hajj and wear the Ihram from the Meeqat. Meeqat is a point to assume ihram. Pilgrims travelling by air must form the intention in flight at the right distance.

Ihram for male and female pilgrim. How To Perform Hajj

Wuquf e Arafat

Wuquf e Arafat is to stop at Arafat even for a moment from declining of the sun(zawal) of 9th Dhul Hijjah to the dawn of 10th Dhul Hijjah.

How To Perform Hajj in 5days.

Tawafuz Ziyarah

Tawafuz Ziyarah or Tawaf e Ziyarat/ Tawaf-ul- Ifadah is essential ritual of Hajj. It is the tawaf of Khabah after leaving the state of Ihram. It can be performed any time from the morning of the 10th Dhul Hijjah to the dawn of the 12th Dhul Hijjah after the ritual of Qasr (shaving of hair). If Tawafuz Ziyarah is delayed due to any reason, the sacrifice of an animal becomes essential(Dam).

Tawafuz Ziyarah or Tawaf e Ziyarat/ Tawaf-ul- Ifadah, second ritual of hajj

Important (Wajib) acts of Hajj

  • Wakuf e Muzdalifah. That is an overnight stay in Muzdalfah.
  • Overnight Stay in Mina at Tashriq nights.
  • Ramyul Jamarat i.e. stone pelting at the Jamaraats.
  • Qurbani or sacrifice of an animal.
  • Alaq (Shaving of head) or Qasr(Trim hair short).
  • Saâee (Circumambulating between Safa and Marwa).
  • Tawaf-ul-Wada or Farewell tawaf (Circumambulating the Kaâba).

Complete Guide to Hajj

Manasik e Hajj (Rituals of Pilgrimage)

8th Dhul Hijjah

  • Remove unwanted hair, clip nails.
  • Perform full Ghusl(Bath) or wudhu(ablution).
  • Put on Ihram garments. (Two cloth pieces of men and loose cloth for women).
  • Pray two rakats.
  • Make intention for performing Hajj.
  • Recite Talbiyyah.
labaik allahummah labaik, labaik la shareeka laka labaik...How To Perform Hajj
  • Go to Mina preferably in Morning. Pray Zohr, Asr, maghrib and Isha Salah in Mina.

9th Dhul Hijjah

  • Pray Fajar prayer in Mina.
  • Go to Arafat anytime after Sunrise.
  • Pray Zohr and Asr salah in Arafah.
  • Perform Wuquf Arafah. Stand and pray, seek forgiveness from Allah till sunset.
  • After sunset go to Muzdalifah. Pray Maghrib and Isha (at IIsha time) Iqaamah together. This salah will be with one Adhan and one Iqamah.
  • Here Collect up to seventy pebbles of pea-size for stoning.
  • Spend Night in worship.
  • Pray fajar in Muzdalifah and leave for Mina before sunrise. (Keep reciting Talbiyah frequently).

10th Dhul Hijjah

  • Pelt the Big Shaytaan(Jmaarat) with seven pebbles. Say Bismillah Allah o Akbar, while stoning(Its sunnah)(stop Talbiyah here)
  • After that do Udhiya/Qurbani.
  • Do Qasr or Alaq.

Now one can come out of Ihram state.

  • Go to Makkah and perform Tawaf e Ziyarah(It can be performed any time up to 12th sunset of Dhul Hijjah)
  • Pray two Rakah of Salah between the maqam e Ibrahim(if possible) or anywhere in Haram.
  • Drink water Zam Zam and perform Saee(Between Safa and Marwa).

Now return to Mina

11th-Dhul Hijjah

  • Perform Tawaf e Ziyaarah if it is due. (Offer two rakah, Drink water Zam Zam and perform Saee. Return to Mina)
  • Pelt All three Jmaraat after midday.
  • Stay in Mina for Worship.

12thDhul Hijjah

  • Perform Tawaf e Ziyaarah if it is still due. (Offer two rakah, Drink water Zam Zam and perform Saee. Return to Mina)
  • Pelt All three Jmaraat after midday and leave for Makkah before sunset if possible(If cant leave stay at Mina).

13th Dhul Hijjah

  • If still in Mina then pelt three Jamaraat at Subh Sadiq(beginning of Fajar time) and leave for Makkah.
  • Before leaving Makkah to perform Tawaf e Widaa and pray two rakah of Tawaf.

From Asr of 13th Zil Hijjah stop reciting Takbeer of Tashreek which one starts at 9th Zil Hijjah.

Steps of hajj or harkan e hajj/pilrimage. How To Perform Hajj